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Carriage House at Blue Skies Inn
Garden Tranquility
We have expanded the Secret Garden to include the hillside Waterfall Garden to the west. That garden climbs up wooden stairs into the high-desert scrub ecosystem at the top of the stone wall, then down along a redstone waterfall into the Secret Garden.

More recently, we have crossed into the ancient scrub oak copse on the east to build the Woodland Garden under the trees. This garden features pathways and isolated benches in a shady refuge for those seeking a quiet moment with nature.

The gardens are a continuing project here at Blue Skies Inn. We have yet to complete pathways down to Fountain Creek. We are also looking forward to xeroscaping and building pathways through the locust, yucca and spectacular cactus that grows in the high-desert ecosystem on our grounds. Those areas are still here, more or less in their natural state, for your enjoyment.

Of course, the best way to fully appreciate the gardens at Blue Skies Inn is to come stay with us. Enjoy breakfast in the Secret Garden, and have fun exploring the winding paths and hidden sitting areas in the Woodland Garden.

If you're checking out your lodging options online, you can still get a feel for the gardens at Blue Skies through our wedding photography. We have two wedding sites; one in the Waterfall Garden on our hillside, and one in the Woodland Garden back in the scrub-oak copse that borders our property line.
A peaceful refuge for the soul in a secluded area. Wildlife, yes. Refreshment for mind, soul & body. Who has a breakfast delivered to your door, AND in a picnic basket? Delicious! My stay was all that I expected, and more. Strolling through the Autumn gardens, I discovered another path, waterfalls, and more path, & waterfalls...
Sandra, Pueblo, CO

Sally and Mike, your artistic gifts are in abundance from your gardens and decor to those delicious breakfasts. Thank you for being so welcoming to children at your B&B. My nine year old son experienced more "magic" here because of what you have created than he did in a DisneyWorld suite.
The Matlock Family, Delafield, Wisconsin
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