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This symbol signifies that Blue Skies Inn has a suite that fully meets the specific and precise government handicapped accessibility standards set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Use of this symbol is regulated by Federal law, and misuse or casual use of this symbol by lodging properties can result in criminal prosecution by the United States Department of Justice as well as being grounds for a civil lawsuit.

We take the display of this symbol very seriously, and not just because of the liability issues involved with its misuse. We consider it a shame for the whole lodging industry when a guest who is in a chair or has another special need addressed by the ADA relies upon the display of this symbol, and arrives only to find that the B&B owner "guess-timated" that one of his rooms could accommodate a person with special needs.

Our Indian Rock Art I suite is fully ADA compliant

We proudly present our indian rock art suite which is beautiful as well as being totally accessible. We thank our dear friend John for being its inspiration. B&Bs are not normally required to provide ADA compliant rooms. Blue Skies Inn is especially proud that our indian rock art suite fully meets, and in some areas, exceeds, ADA specifications.

Dear Mike & Sally,

The Indian Rock Art Room was just perfect for our needs. The room arrangement and the bathroom are very handicap accessible. The shower is wonderful. We wish we could have that at home. We looked forward to those wonderful and plentiful breakfasts brought to our door each morning. Thank you so much for your consideration and thoughtfulness.

Best to you always.

Jeanne & Tom Baukus
September 2003

Americans with Disabilities Act Specifications

There are very precise specifications for "Handicapped Accessible." They can be found at this website: Further specifications cover:


  • minimum of 34" wide doors to building, room and bathroom (ours are 36")
  • flipper hardware


  • Bathroom clear turning radius 5' between sink and toilet (ours is 6')
  • 8" clearance under sink front to P trap (ours is 14")
  • 27" to floor under sink
  • insulated P trap under sink
  • grab bars
    side of toilet 33-36" from floor, 12" from back wall, 42" wide
    behind toilet 33-36" from floor, 24" wide
    in shower 33-36" from floor, 24" wide on two walls with bracing behind wall
    (ours are 42")
  • shower lip no higher than 2" (our shower has no lip, just roll-in)
  • 18" (from centerline) clearance toilet on one side, 42" from centerline on the other side (ours is 60")
  • toilet paper at least 19" from floor
  • toilet 17-19" high (we have an adjustable seat with grab bars)
  • no steps
  • sink handles must be flipper design
  • shower seat


  • 36" clear on one side of bed (we have 8 feet)


  • no more than 8% rise, must be 36" wide and of non-slip material
    (ours is 5%)
  • no steps

Source: Timesaver Standards for Interior Design and Space Planning, Joseph De Chiara, 1991, McGraw-Hill, Inc., ISBN 0-07-016299-9


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